MATLAB Codes for Discrete Signal Reconstruction by Sum of Absolute Values


This page gives a MATLAB code for the following paper:

M. Nagahara, Discrete Signal Reconstruction by Sum of Absolute Values,
IEEE Signal Processing Letters, 2015 (to appear). (Download PDF)


1-dimensional discrete signal reconstruction:
The program has the following simulation parameters:
Nsim = 5;
p_delta = 0.25
To obtain the figure in the paper, the parameter should be
Nsim = 200;
p_delta = 0.01
with which you may experience long computational time.

Binary image reconstruction
discrete_signal_reconstruction_2d.m: main program
imagA2.png: binary image data

Note that to execute the codes, you need CVX.

We have made sure that the code run with no errors on MATLAB version R2012b.
On older versions of MATLAB, the code might have unexpected errors.