MATLAB Codes for Maximum Hands-Off Control


This page gives a MATLAB code for our paper:

M. Nagahara, D. E. Quevedo, and D. Nesic,
Maximum Hands-Off Control: A Paradigm of Control Effort Minimization,


Demo file that produces the figures in section VII:

This code simulates feedback self-triggered hands-off control proposed in section VI for a 1-dimensional linear time-invariant plant.
You can change the parameter randsim:
randsim=1: the plant noise is Gaussian
randsim=0: the plant noise is deterministic, d(t)=1

Note that to execute the codes, you need Control System Toolbox
We have made sure that the code run with no errors on MATLAB version R2014a.
On older versions of MATLAB, the code might have unexpected errors.